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Two weeks prep, two days shooting and fifthteen
hundred frames later....


One of my most recent jobs was to provide the Images to a London fashion House that was promoting a new bespoke range of School uniform designs. With over 20 years of design experience, Adeem's goal was to rock the uniforms market with its energy and uniqueness!

The brief was extremely detailed In it's requirements and our joint participation in the initial planning helped to maximize the clients budget to achieve the brief and beyond. With a requirement for 80 different shots the job was originally scheduled as a four day shoot. We managed to reduce this by half, saving time and the clients budget!

For projects of this nature a high level of pre-organization is always required. There is usually very little room for error on the shoot day although the ability to change at a drop of a hat is essential. Especially when working with young children. All in all, a great project and a personal achievement as to what the team can produce in such a small amount of time.



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