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Cutting edge image library makes a big splash in
the world of CGi


One of the growing requirement for creatives these days is to get as much bang for their clients buck as possible.

With images being especially shot for the purpose of providing backdrops for the CGi car market, MOOFE is currently one the market leaders in supplying such imagery.

My involvement with MOOFE was to provide sceans that would be used by the car industry to provide pre conceived location concepts for the purpose of inserting CGi cars.

The initial brief was to pre explore a location via google earth and map out the shoot before my team had left the UK. As time was always limited, we had to make sure that our shooting day was always maximized by the efforts of the pre plan.

From cold snowy peaks to hot shore line scenes we covered a huge array of material that now helps to make up the extensive MOOFE library.



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