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shooting a house full of child models.


Model shoots on location are always a challenge.
model shoots with young children on location offer a greater challenge still.

A few years back I have the opportunity to pull together a shoot for one of EURO RSCG KLPs premier clients, the Mobile phone giant NOKIA.

Along with the client, my team assembled a two day shoot at a west London location house, selected models and provided logistics to complete the job.

The brief was to include five children and a range of various aged family members that could come together and produce the range of images that the client required.

My experiences in organizing and shooting location projects like this is achieved by having the experience to realize that quality results come from assembling a team of dedicated professionals that can work together to deliver the clients vision and beyond.

Shoots like this can be pressurized, as well as great fun, but always extremely exhilarating.



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