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Ewan McGregor: Long Way Down shoot

AppleTV has just premiered the latest Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman motorcycle journey this week which reminded me of their last adventure, (Long way down) which I was fortunate to

be involved with the shooting of a promotional tie in for NOKIA and the show.

From the agencies original brief we designed a "shooting stage" for the launch event that we could shoot Ewan on along with various other invited guests. The stage was dressed with rocks, stones and desert grasses while blended into a 5 meter wide printed canvas back drop of a scene from the show. Camera angles and shooting distances were confirmed in advance to ensure we could fit the background print and stage set into the space we had been provided.

This old school shooting technique is still in use today although the "printed backdrop" is now replaced by giant LED screens. Check out the Madalorian to see how stunningly effective it can be on a live action set.

Many thanks to Andy and his colleagues at the agency for their art direction and input.

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